75ml AUTOSOL Plastic Cleaner

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75ml AUTOSOL Plastic Cleaner

New powerful plastic cleaning protection cream from Germany imported, not only the components of natural environmental, non-toxic, odorless dosage Province, cleaning effect beyond the existing commercially available similar products can be effectively applied to any plastic products. Have a vast market in Europe, and is widely used in: transportation equipment, industrial molds, hotel dining facilities, family life utensils, cleaning and maintenance, cleaning and maintenance clergyman life indispensable to present you the classic brand AUTOSOL charm.

Product Features:

  • ※ clean plastic dirt and prevent the plastic brittle or fade. Plastic color brightening and reduce static electricity.
  • ※ innovative formula even if repeated use will not have scratches.

How to use:

  • ※ first remove the plastic surface and dirt.
  • ※ according to a circular motion with a wet cotton cloth evenly wipe the surface for 2-3 minutes, with a dry cotton cloth in accordance Circle Poor wipe off the dirt.


  • * Do not use the surface temperature.
  • ※ plastic products used in seams, make sure that the product itself is whether the material applicable.
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